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  • Transportation and Supervision


    Students participating in athletic practices and contests off of school grounds must travel to and from the site on a school bus.  Coaches are to see that students under their control exhibit behavior that is acceptable and a credit to the school.  Students are expected not to yell out the windows.  Songs, cheers must have socially acceptable lyrics.  Buses are to be left clean and free of trash.        

    Exceptions to this policy may be made only if the following procedures are met:

    1. The parent must make their request to drive the student to and/or from the event(s) in writing to the respective coach prior to the event. 
    2. The parent must present himself or herself to the coach and be identified properly.
    3. The coach must retain all requests in his or her team files.

    A parent’s request for their child to be transported by another student’s parents must be accompanied by a written request from the other child’s parent.

    Under no circumstances should a student be permitted to drive his/her own vehicle or be transported by another student.