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  • Drugs and Alcohol - Athletics and Extra-Curricular Activities:  Policy 5534

    Participation in athletics and extra-curricular activities is a privilege, not a right.  Therefore, pupils who have substance abuse violations either on or off campus as defined by policy 5530, and/or Policy 5500, and regulation 5611R, during the season of the sport or extra-curricular activity they are involved in may be dismissed from the team/activity pursuant to the procedures contained in Regulation 2431.2R.  The dismissal procedure is in addition the Lenape regional High School District Guidelines regarding substance abuse, and each offense below applies cumulatively to a student’s participation during their entire high school career.

    1.  First Offense

    1. Five day suspension from team/activity, referral to SAC advisor, parent conference with Athletic Director.
    2. Participate in post-incident screening program.

    2.  Second Offense

    1. Suspension from team/activity for the remainder of the season.
    2. Assessment by a district recommended substance abuse and/or rehabilitation program.
    3. Compliance with recommendations as set forth by the substance abuse or rehabilitation program.