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  • Training Rules for Athletes

    Physical and moral training ranks high in our aims and objectives through athletics.  Generally, it is the individual’s job to abide by the training rules.  There are, however, certain basic factors, which should be constant for all teams and participants in the athletic program.  Violation of these rules or conditions will result in penalties in proportion to the offense.

    1. Conduct on buses, in locker rooms, on the practice field, etc., should be exemplary. You are responsible for you own actions. 
    2. Smoking, drinking and narcotics - These are a direct violation to the most basic training rules and will be dealt with in accordance to the district substance abuse policy. (see page 12)
    3. Personal conduct– The athlete should exemplify an outstanding school citizen from all aspects. Some typical conditions of this nature are as follows:
      1. Classroom behavior
      2. General appearance
      3. Conduct at school functions
      4. Behavior outside of school 

    4. Attendance at practice - Practice sessions are important to the success of all our teams. Each athlete has an obligation to his teammates, his school, his coach, and to himself to be at every practice.  Any athlete missing practice will be disciplined accordingly.