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  • Communication Between Parents and Coaches

    All coaches shall be open to communication with parents and shall be approachable to students.  The following procedure was created so that concerns within a specific sport can be addressed appropriately.  However, the following procedures do not refer to sexual harassment.  Any concern relating to sexual harassment, the student athlete or parent should inform an administrator per Lenape Regional High School district Board of Education Policy 5751: Sexual Harassment.

    1. Student athletes must address problems with their coach, prior to parental intervention.  Every effort should be made for the student and coach to resolve issues or concerns regarding their specific sport.
    2. Parents should call the coach to arrange a conference with the player and the coach.  Parents are discouraged from approaching a coach with a concern directly  before or after a contest as these are emotional times for both the parent and the coach.
    3. Concerns not resolved with the individual coach must be submitted in writing to the Athletic Director by the complainant.  The letter must contain the following:
    4. The names of the coach or the specific sport, level of competition, and/or the general athletic concern involved.
    5. A concise summary of the nature of the concern and the facts surrounding same including the steps taken prior to this resolve the situation.
    6. The letter must be signed by the complainant.

    Note:  Because playing time, level or position placement, team strategy and play calling are the sole responsibility of the coach, concerns regarding these items will not be heard beyond the Athletic Director. 

    1. for concerns not tied to an individual coach, the first contact for concerns about any phase of the athletic program is the Athletic Director.  This may be done either verbally or in writing.
    2. Concerns regarding an individual coach or program not resolved with the Athletic Director will be referred to the building Principal by the complainant. The Principal shall receive a copy of the written complaint and a written report of the efforts made to resolve the problem.  The Complainant shall receive a written response.

    Concerns not resolved by the principal may be referred in writing to the Superintendent for study and resolution.