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  • Athletic Program Policy:  2441



    Interscholastic sporting events play an important role in promoting the physical, social and emotional development of children.  It is therefore essential for parents and coaches to encourage young athletes and embrace the values of good sportsmanship.  Moreover, the adults involved in, and attending interscholastic sporting events should be models of good sportsmanship and should lead by example demonstrating fairness, respect and self control.

    It is for these reasons that the administration of the Lenape Regional High School District created the Athletic committee, comprised of student athletes, parents, coaches and administrators.  In a collaborative effort, the Athletic committee created the following Mission Statement and Belief Statements for the Lenape Regional High School District Athletic Program:

    The Mission of the Lenape Regional High School District's interscholastic athletic program shall be to develop student athletes who are physically, mentally and emotionally prepared to make a positive contribution to society.  This will be accomplished through the cooperative efforts of student athletes, coaches, parents and administrators.  It will be implemented through a well designed athletic program involving dedicated coaches and student-athletes, and supportive parents within an atmosphere of safety good sportsmanship and teamwork.


    • We believe students are our highest priority.
    • We believe the athletic program is an integral part of the high school experience.
    • We believe the self esteem and pride of participants should be paramount in all scholastic activities.
    • We believe the common goal of competition is the development of the students athletes’ physical, mental and emotional well being that can be applied throughout their lives.
    • We believe high school athletics should be a learning experience that both challenging and rewarding.
    • We believe a well designed athletic program promotes sportsmanship, leadership and teamwork.
    • We believe a successful athletic program must have coaches who are dedicated, approachable, knowledgeable and positive role models.
    • We believe a quality athletic program which enhances student growth must have parents who are supportive and respectful of the program and have an understanding of the place of athletics in the educational process.
    • We believe the foundation of a successful athletic program must have coaches, parents and student athletes, who communicate, cooperate and strive for a common goal.



    To clearly communicate how each participant shall contribute to the Lenape Regional High School district Athletic Program, the following roles and responsibilities were developed by the Athletic committee:


    Coaches need to:

    • provide a positive and safe learning environment for student athletes,
    • operate within district and state regulations,
    • be a positive role model,
    • be approachable to students,
    • be open to communication with parents,
    • be respectful of the student athletes,
    • seek professional development in their sport,
    • teach the skills inherent to the sport,
    • be fair and consistent,
    • understand the place of athletics in the educational process,
    • support the entire athletic program. 


    Student athletes need to:

    • have fun,
    • recognize the importance of academics during the athletic season,
    • demonstrate good sportsmanship,
    • be cooperative with the coaches,
    • be positive role models for peers,
    • have respect for competitors as well as the entire student body,
    • place team goals above individual goals,
    • advocate for themselves by immediately addressing problems with their coaches,
    • be properly prepared for participation in athletics (i.e. substance free, nutrition, condition, strength/fitness and well rested).


    Parents need to:

    • be good role model for the students athletes,
    • understand the place of athletics in the educational process
    • encourage athletes to be advocates for themselves (i.e. phone calls, questions, expectations, etc.),
    • positively encourage all athletes,
    • be supportive of the coaching staff,
    • encourage proper preparation for participation (i.e. rest, hydrate, breakfast, academics, etc.),
    • support the entire athletic programs.


    Administrators need to:

    • provide fair opportunities for each athletic program,
    • make sure the athletic program operates within state, conference, and district rules and regulations,
    • constantly evaluate and improve the athletic program,
    • provide necessary resources (i.e. equipment, facilities/fields, coaching education, etc.) within budgetary parameters,
    • ensure the safety of all athletes,
    • use the LRHSD athletic program mission statement and beliefs to monitor and evaluate coaching performance,
    • communicate and promote LRHSD athletic program mission statement and beliefs to coaches, athletes and parents,
    • ensure that all coaches are qualified in accordance with state and district requirements.