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  • Letter to Parents and Student Athletes:


    To Parents: 

    Your child is interested in participating in the athletic program at Lenape, Shawnee, Cherokee or Seneca High School.  We are asking you to seriously consider his/her welfare while participating.  Occasionally, we have had concerns with the physical and emotional well-being of our students during their participation in our athletic program.  This concern has often been amplified because of simultaneous participation in other highly organized out of school athletic activities.

    The athletic programs at Lenape, Shawnee, Cherokee and Seneca are limited to a reasonable amount of competitive activity within a specific period of time.  There is concern with the hardships brought about by over participation before allowing your child to participate in either a high school and/or a highly structured outside athletic program.  If you feel simultaneous participation in two highly organized programs imposes a hardship on your child, you should decide which program best meets his/her needs, and allow him/her to participate in the one selected.

    We know you will give this request your attention.  Your decision will be the one that best serves the interest of your child.



    To the Student Athlete: 

    This handbook is for your personal use to assist you in understanding the purpose and expectations of our interscholastic athletic program.

    We have endeavored to provide what you should know about the conditions set forth by school and state rules and regulations as well as your responsibility to yourself, your team, and your school. 

    The purpose of our athletic program is to provide the student-athlete with an opportunity to compete, while also cooperating with coaches and teammates, as well as to provide opportunities to exhibit traits of self-discipline, responsibility, decision-making, social conscience, and sportsmanship.  The athletic program provided through your school is solely intended to satisfy your desire to perform in an active, physical manner.  It was established to enhance positive social values and provide a wholesome balance to your adolescent life.

    The athletic program was not developed to showcase individual talent for the purpose of expecting future financial assistance through athletic scholarships and/or professional contracts.  Participation in the program is considered a privilege extended by the Board of Education to students who choose to participate. 

    Please read this handbook carefully.  It will assist you in preparing yourself to meet the responsibilities and challenges you will find in athletics.