Shawnee School Celebrations


  • On the last day of the 2019-20 school year, Shawnee administration delivered diplomas to members of the Class of 2020.

Shawnee Class of 2018 College Selections

Shawnee Academic Awards

  • As the celebratory finale at Shawnee's annual Academic Awards Ceremony, the seniors return to the stage and announce their college destinations.

Students on stage posing for photo after announcing their college destinations at the Academic Awards Ceremony.

Shawnee College Map

  • This Cum Laude Award display shows the college choice of Shawnee's top 25 graduating seniors.

Photo of Shawnee's college map that indicates where in the U.S. Shawnee's top 25 seniors will be attending college.

Shawnee College Commitments

  • The Senior Destinations display shows the chosen destinations of the members of the senior class.

Students looking at wall display in the school, showing the destinations of members of the senior class.