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Sport: Coach: Level: Email Address: Team Website:
Baseball Brian Anderson *Varsity banderson@lrhsd.org
Baseball Michael Spera Freshmen mspera@lrhsd.org
Baseball Kevin Looney JV klooney@lrhsd.org
Baseball Tim Welsh Varsity (Assistant) twelsh@lrhsd.org
Basketball Boys Joseph Kessler *Varsity jkessler@lrhsd.org
Basketball Boys Dillon Fields Freshmen dfields@lrhsd.org
Basketball Boys Michael Spera JV mspera@lrhsd.org
Basketball Girls Christine McGovern *Varsity cmcgovern@lrhsd.org
Basketball Girls Devon Cummings Freshmen dcummings@lrhsd.org
Basketball Girls Madison Etkins JV metkins@lrhsd.org
Bowling Boys and Girls Kevin Looney *Varsity/All klooney@lrhsd.org http://www.lrhsd.org/shawneebowling
Bowling Boys and Girls Brian Anderson Varsity/All (Assistant) banderson@lrhsd.org
Cheer/Dance (Basketball) Jessica Riddle *Varsity jriddle@lrhsd.org https://sites.google.com/lrhsd.org/renegadedanceteam/home
Cheer/Dance (Basketball) Melissa Marshall Varsity/All (Assistant) mmarshall@lrhsd.org
Cheerleading (Football) Jessica Riddle *Varsity jriddle@lrhsd.org https://sites.google.com/lrhsd.org/shawnee-football-cheerleading/home
Cheerleading (Football) Kaitlin Eckert Freshmen keckert@lrhsd.org
Cheerleading (Football) Lora Griffin JV lgriffin@lrhsd.org
Cross Country Boys Matthew Catinella *Varsity/All mcatinella@lrhsd.org
Cross Country Boys Scott Harris Varsity/All (Assistant) sharris@lrhsd.org
Cross Country Girls Jason Kendall *Varsity/All jkendall@lrhsd.org http://www.lrhsd.org/shawneegirlscrosscountry
Cross Country Girls TBD Varsity/All (Assistant) http://www.lrhsd.org/shawneegirlscrosscountry
Field Hockey Renee Toliver *Varsity rtoliver@lrhsd.org https://www.lrhsd.org/shawneefieldhockey
Field Hockey Meghan Hahn Freshmen mhahn@lrhsd.org
Field Hockey Aubrey Reese JV areese@lrhsd.org
Field Hockey Melissa Dietz Varsity (Assistant) mdietz@lrhsd.org
Football Tim Gushue *Varsity tgushue@lrhsd.org https://www.shawneefootball.com/
Football Joseph Patterson Freshmen jpatterson@lrhsd.org
Football Andrew Fiorentino JV afiorentino@lrhsd.org
Football Gene Shulman Varsity (Assistant)
Football Timothy Welsh Varsity (Assistant) twelsh@lrhsd.org
Football TBD Varsity (Assistant)
Football Dennis Scuderi Varsity (Assistant)
Football James Schaefer Varsity/Assistant
Golf Boys Joseph Kessler *Varsity/All jkessler@lrhsd.org
Golf Girls Kyle Packer *Varsity/All kpacker@lrhsd.org
Gymnastics Girls Michael Maira *Varsity/All mmaira@lrhsd.org
Gymnastics Girls Bill Burtis Varsity/All (Assistant) bburtis@lrhsd.org
Indoor Track Boys Matthew Catinella *Varsity/All mcatinella@lrhsd.org
Indoor Track Boys TBD Varsity/All (Assistant)
Indoor Track Girls Darren Welsh *Varsity/All dwelsh@lrhsd.org
Indoor Track Girls Michael Nash Varsity/All (Assistant)
Lacrosse Boys Don Green *Varsity dgreen@lrhsd.org
Lacrosse Boys Dan O'Keefe Freshmen dokeefe@lrhsd.org
Lacrosse Boys Andrew Fiorentino JV afiorentino@lrhsd.org
Lacrosse Boys Murf Butler Varsity (Assist)
Lacrosse Girls Sarah Fitzgerald *Varsity sfitzgerald@lrhsd.org https://www.lrhsd.org/girlslacrosse
Lacrosse Girls Janae Zechman *Varsity (Assistant) jzechman@lrhsd.org
Lacrosse Girls Melissa Dietz Assistant mdietz@lrhsd.org
Lacrosse Girls Danielle Hubbs Assistant dhubbs@lrhsd.org
Soccer Boys Ryan Franks *Varsity rfranks@lrhsd.org https://www.lrhsd.org/boyssoccer
Soccer Boys Ben Aha Freshmen baha@lrhsd.org
Soccer Boys Darren Welsh JV dwelsh@lrhsd.org
Soccer Boys Casey Marshall Varsity (Assistant) cmarshall@lrhsd.org
Soccer Girls Drew Wagner *Varsity dwagner@lrhsd.org
Soccer Girls Christian Hochenberger Freshmen chochenberger@lrhsd.org
Soccer Girls Taylor Ryan JV tryan@lrhsd.org
Soccer Girls Devon Cummings Varsity (Assistant) dcummings@lrhsd.org
Softball Paula Escudero *Varsity pescudero@lrhsd.org https://www.lrhsd.org/shawneesoftball
Softball Linda Kovacs *Varsity (Assistant) lkovacs@lrhsd.org
Softball Joseph Patterson Freshmen jpatterson@lrhsd.org
Softball Taylor Gilligan JV - Assistant
Swimming Boys Eric O'Neill *Varsity/All eoneill@lrhsd.org
Swimming Boys Michael Casey Varsity/All (Assistant) mcasey@lrhsd.org
Swimming Girls Meghan Warren *Varsity/All mwarren@lrhsd.org http://www.lrhsd.org/shawneegirlsswimming
Swimming Girls Sarah Howarth Varsity/All (Assistant) showarth@lrhsd.org
Tennis Boys Drew Wagner *Varsity dwagner@lrhsd.org
Tennis Boys Jessica Sorbino JV jsorbino@lrhsd.org
Tennis Girls Sarah Fitzgerald *Varsity/All sfitzgerald@lrhsd.org http://www.lrhsd.org/shawneegirlstennis
Tennis Girls Jessica Sorbino Varsity/All (Assistant) jsorbino@lrhsd.org http://www.lrhsd.org/shawneegirlstennis
Track and Field Boys Matthew Catinella *Varsity/All mcatinella@lrhsd.org Google Classroom Code: hz2s4sh
Track and Field Boys Zach Baer *Varsity/All (Assistant) zbaer@lrhsd.org
Track and Field Boys TBD Varsity/All (Assistant)
Track and Field Boys Scott Harris Varsity/All (Assistant) sharris@lrhsd.org
Track and Field Girls Darren Welsh *Varsity/All dwelsh@lrhsd.org Google Classroom Code: ut463cf
Track and Field Girls Michael Nash Varsity/All (Assistant) mnash@lrhsd.org
Track and Field Girls Jason Kendall Varsity/All (Assistant) jkendall@lrhsd.org
Track and Field Girls Ben Aha Varsity/All (Assistant) baha@lrhsd.org
Volleyball Girls Margaret Fanourgakis *Varsity mfanourgakis@lrhsd.org https://www.lrhsd.org/shawneevolleyball
Volleyball Girls Cindy Gallimore Freshmen cgallimore@lrhsd.org
Volleyball Girls Dillon Fields JV dfields@lrhsd.org
Wrestling Kyle Packer *Varsity kpacker@lrhsd.org
Wrestling Casey Marshall JV cmarshall@lrhsd.org
Wrestling Joseph Robinson Varsity (Assistant) jrobinson@lrhsd.org