• September Meeting

    September Meeting

    Tuesday, September 22, 2015

    o Advisors: Ms. Gaffney & Mr. Zimmerman
    o Officers:
     Presidents: Taylor Kane and Julia Wietrzychowski
     VPs: Gus Martin, Devon Guyer, Will Davis
     Treasurer: Brenna Gaffney
     Secretaries: Sydney Woodsum & Jaelyn Alexander

    • What is SADD?
    o SADD: Students Against Destructive Decisions
    o SADD club is a coalition of students working together to inform their peers of destructive decisions and offer positive alternatives.
    o Check out SADD National website:
    o Lenape SADD Club’s themes:
     Bullying prevention
     Anti-distracted driving
     Drug and alcohol awareness
     Eating disorder awareness
     We are ALWAYS welcome to suggestions!

    • To be an active member of Lenape SADD Club:

    1. It is strongly encouraged to sell cookie dough as a fundraiser. Our club needs funds to be able to provide us with the best possible activities and events

    2. Participate in at least 3 activities throughout the school year
     We know many of you are involved in many other activities and sports, but you can still actively participate in SADD in other ways (for example, buying our current Lenape SADD club t-shirt to wear on designated days throughout the year counts as an activity!) You can also make posters to advertise our events or produce PSA’s to be aired on Lenape Live morning show even if you can’t make meetings after school!

    3. The district requires that all students pay the activity fee to participate in school clubs. If you have any issues or concerns about paying the activity fee, please come speak to Ms. Gaffney or Mr. Zimmerman privately.

    4. Fill out 2015 MEMBERSHIP FORM (on Lenape SADD Club website, located under “Activities” tab on LHS site)

    • COOKIE DOUGH SALE- Now through October 6th
    o Our BIGGEST fundraiser of the year
    o All members are encouraged to try to sell at least 3 tubs of cookie dough
    o Any member who sells 5 or more tubs/boxes of cookie do

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