Rhea Sethi, President

    Chloe Sorid, Vice President  of Promotion

    Samantha McCarthy, Vice Preseident of Community Service

    Saketh Rudraraju, Vice President of Fundraising

    Rohan Gawande, Vice President of Management

    Bria Morgan, Vice President of Membership  





    Mrs. Jayme Kent

    Mr. Jerry Swindell




    DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.


    DECA is a business competition club where you can compete against other students at the District, State and National level. You will select from a variety of events in which to compete.  Your overall score is comprised of a knowledge test of 100 questions and a Role Play.  The Role Play is where you are put into a real life business scenario and are tasked with coming up with a solution to a business-type problem.  You will have a set amount of time to prepare a response and a set amount of time to present that response to a judge who will score you.


    You do not have to pursue a future in business to be a member of DECA.  All students are welcome!  The only requirement to join our club is to have taken or be currently enrolled in a business class here at Lenape. (Course requirement excludes Personal Finance)



    DECA Meeting Times:

    Varies - Typically During Lunch Periods



    Activities Sponsored:

    Regional Competition, State Competition, National Competition, Fundraisers, Community Service








    Why Should You Join?





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