• Animation & Interactive Web Design
       Enduring Understandings  


    Students will understand that:

    Unit 1: 
    • The foundation of animation is based on drawing and application of symbols.
    • Effective use of skills is essential to create a functional and/or interactive animation. 
    • Animators must be creative problem solvers. 

     Unit 2:

    • The history of the Internet and browser differences impact web design.
    • Effective websites are a result of careful and thoughtful planning.
    • Functional and consistent layout enhances usability of a site.

    Unit 3: 

    • Graphic Design improves the overall aesthetics of a website
    • Coding impacts the design of a website.


      Unit 4:

    • Appropriate use of web design software will make the design process more efficient.
    • Integrating animation and image manipulation are essential in interactive Web Design. 
    • Interactivity should support the overall design of a site.

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