Warehouse personnel receive all merchandise as indicated on the purchase orders. All packages are checked for outside damage prior to acceptance of the merchandise and signing of delivery slips.


    1. All packages are opened to inspect damage and verify contents with delivery slips. Any damaged or missing items are immediately reported to the vendor. Time is an important factor in making claims for damaged or missing merchandise. Some companies will not accept claims after five days from the date of delivery.
    2. A warehouse copy of the purchase order form is annotated to include all actions taken with respect to each purchase order.
    3. Materials are then delivered to the appropriate department. Supervisors should immediately check the contents to insure compliance with specifications to the purchase order. If a discrepancy is noted, the vendor should be contacted immediately. If merchandise is to be returned to the vendor, the supervisor must make the necessary arrangements with the warehouse. Warehouse personnel will prepare materials for shipment and obtain necessary proof of shipment.
    4. All merchandise should be delivered to the warehouse and not to individual departments. The only exception to this would be the delivery of furniture and heavy equipment which may not be appropriately handled though the warehouse (see note below). Information pertaining to these circumstances should be directed to the Warehouse Supervisor and notification made when materials have been received by the department. Subscriptions to periodicals may be ordered for delivery to the school.
    5. Supervisors having material delivered directly to their departments will be responsible for submitting claims to the vendor for missing or damaged merchandise. In the event that merchandise is to be returned to the vendor, it will be the responsibility of the supervisor to prepare the merchandise for return shipment and receipt of signatures from the delivery agent as proof of return. Without these documents, and in the event of a lost shipment, the vendor may require payment in full for the merchandise and the supervisor will be obliged to make payment.
    6. General supplies are maintained in the warehouse for issuance to requesting departments. Any supply item available for issue through the warehouse may not be purchased from outside sources without sufficient cause, and these supplies are purchased through the bidding process.
    7. General supplies may be obtained from the district warehouse by submitting a general supply requisition form. Be sure to indicate the location number (1 for Lenape, 2 for Shawnee, 4 for Sequoia, 5 for Cherokee South, 6 for Cherokee North, 7 for Seneca, and 0 for the Business Office) and department number in the area provided on the form. Also, be sure to include the quantity number (amount), and the unit (i.e. box, case, ea, btls, etc.) in the designated area.
    Note: Merchandise should be delivered to the individual school building and the ship to address appropriately identified on the purchase order as described in Section 5.