The purchase order is electronically reviewed for accuracy. If insufficient funds are available for the purchase, the system will not allow the purchase order to be saved or committed. If the purchase order violates the purchasing regulations/laws, it will be rejected in the system. If the purchase order has met all the necessary requirements of a legal purchase with available funds, the purchase order requisition will be approved, printed and signed by the School Business Administrator/Board Secretary representing a valid obligation by the Board of Education.

    Distribution of purchase order will be made as follows:

    1. First Copy (Blue) remains in the Business Office.

    2. Second Copy (Pink) is sent to the vendor (vendor's certification).

    a. If purchase order is $6,000.00 or less, the pink copy will remain with the Blue Copy in the Business Office.

    b. If the purchase order is for more than $6,000.00, the pink copy will be forwarded to the vendor with the vendor's copy (white). The pink copy must be returned signed in order for payment to be processed.

    3. Third Copy (White) to the vendor as the vendor's purchase order copy.

    4. Fourth copy (Yellow) is sent to the warehouse as the receiving certification. Note: Only purchase orders that specify delivery to the warehouse will have a yellow copy sent to the warehouse.

    5. Fifth copy (Green) is the originator's copy. The supervisor/individual that has made the purchase order should sign this copy and send to the Business Office once items (all or partial) have been received. This form also allows for partial payments to be made, however, the supervisor needs to clearly mark the box next to partial and write on the green copy what amount that should be paid. All other future payments for that partial purchase order should include a photocopy of the green form with another note as to what needs to be paid. If the following partial payment will complete and close the purchase order the photocopy should have that clearly written on it.

    6. Sixth Copy (Gold) is the requisitioner's copy. This copy is the originator's file copy and should be retained to maintain a record of partial shipments, changes in price, payment requests, and any other information that will aid in keeping an accurate record of the transactions in the supervisor's/individual's record. This copy may not be necessary to keep anymore due to the electronic processing of the purchase orders. All previous purchase orders may be accessed by the individual with the correct computer permissions.