This manual is published to provide guidance and establish procedures to process purchase orders, maintain proper purchasing procedures, and utilize the financial management tools provided by the on-line software system. It is designed to provide a uniform system for purchasing and accounting for the expenditure of funds. Considering the large amounts of money expended by the District, particular emphasis must be placed on proper purchasing procedures that abide by the rules and regulations promulgated by state and federal law and the policies set forth by the Board of Education.

    Obligating or committing the expenditure of funds without a proper encumbrance or approved purchase order represents a violation of state, federal, and Board of Education regulations. A Board of Education is committed to a liability by a rightfully executed contract; a purchase order is a contract by the Board of Education when properly executed and accepted by the second party. If a commitment is made without a properly executed purchase order, the order may become the commitment of that individual, and the Board of Education is not obligated to be liable for the purchase.

    The Business Office is charged with the responsibility of administering the purchasing function to insure that the school district's operation is in accordance with the statute and Board of Education policy and sound business practices.

    In addition to the described procedure for purchasing, this manual will review other processes that involve the collection and disbursement of funds. These functions will include the Student Activity Fund (GOF) sale and event accounting, monthly compensation reporting and expense reporting.

    Questions concerning interpretation of procedures or additional need for information should be directed to the Business Office.

    Carol L. Birnbohm, Ed.D.
    Superintendent of Schools
    Constance L. Stewart
    School Business Administrator/Board Secretary
    Kara Huber
    Assitant Business Administrator