Sales Accounting Procedure

    Each organization requesting a sale must fill out the Sales Accounting and Request Form. No sale will be held until the form is returned designating approval by building administration

    Filling out the Sales Accounting and Request Form
    The advisor must complete and submit the form by filling in the description information, cost of items to be sold section and sign the form. If the sale is approved, the form will be retuned demonstrating the approval. After the sale is completed, the after sale accountability section is completed and submitted.

    The following procedure will be utilized in completing the after sale accountability section. The total purchased cost item must be documented with a packing slip that agrees with the invoice. The delivery of goods must be verified on site with an administrator or designee signing off on the Sales Accounting and Request Form, invoice verification section.

    The total sold item must be documented utilizing the Individual Student Accounting Form.

    The profit collected section is computed by multiplying the total sold times the sales price.

    The explanation of lost, stolen items section must be completed, along with the explanation indicating the incident or incidents.

    After the Sales Accounting and Request Form is totally complete, the advisor fills out a bank deposit ticket equal to the profit collected and returns it with all support documentation to the treasurer of the Student Activities Fund two (2) weeks after sale is completed.

    Note: All collected funds are to be packaged as per the treasurer's guidelines.

    After the treasurer reconciles the sale, a copy of the certified deposit ticket is given to the advisor along with a copy of the completed Sales Accounting and Request Form.

    The treasurer will attach the other certified deposit ticket to the Sales Accounting and Request Form and file.
    Accounting Procedures for Athletic Events
    1. The Tickets Supervisor from each school will obtain double ticket rolls from the District Business Office. All ticket information will be recorded on the ticket distribution form kept by the Business office. The information will include the type of ticket, number of rolls and all starting/ending numbers of each roll.
    2. Ticket Supervisor will verify all the double ticket rolls that are sent from the Business Office on the Ticket Distribution Form and signs for (not initial) each double ticket roll. Return original form to District Office and keep a copy for your records.
    3. Ticket Supervisor records the type of ticket and ticket number range on both the Ticket Accounting Form and the Gate Ticket Form. The Ticket Supervisor then distributes double ticket rolls to staff member(s) who is responsible for each gate sales. The Gate Staff member responsible for the sale of tickets verifies the range of tickets numbers received for their gate and signs under the Gate Sales Staff Signature section. Upon the sale of a ticket, the Gate Staff member will give each patron a double ticket and upon entering the event, the “Keep this coupon” will be retained for documentation in an envelope.
    4. After event sales are complete, staff member(s) complete the ticket ending number section. This is done by recording the number of the last ticket on each roll. The staff member(s) will sign off on all completed entries and return Gate Accounting Form to the Ticket Supervisor for verification and approval signature.
    5. The cash box will be counted and verified by at least two persons, the Ticket Supervisor and a Gate Sales Staff person(s). The amount of the cash box (less startup funds) will be recorded on the Gate Ticket Form and all persons will sign off on the cash box amount that is verified.
    6. The Ticket Supervisor will record the ticket ending numbers from the gate ticket forms onto the Ticket Accounting Form along with the type and cost of the ticket. The Ticket Accounting Form will calculate the total potential gate receipt income amount. Enter the total amount of the deposit made and note any comments on amount differences.
    7. The Supervisor will fill out a deposit ticket (three/four part ticket), retain one copy, fill out the deposit bag information, attach the tear-off strip to a copy of the deposit slip and place the deposit bag in the deposit/night drop box at each school. The copy of the deposit ticket, tear-off strip and the Ticket and Gate Accounting Forms and are to be given to Athletic Treasurer secretary for recording in QuickBooks. This is to be done directly after every event – DO NOT HOLD MONEY OVERNIGHT!
    8. After the deposit is made, a bank certified deposit ticket is returned to the Athletic Treasurer/Secretary and should be attached to the Ticket Accounting Form.
    9. All remaining ticket rolls are to be kept in a secure place.
    1. The Tickets Supervisor will return to the District Business office all Ticket Accounting Forms, envelopes containing one side of the double tickets and all unused full and partial ticket rolls after the last chargeable sporting event.
    2. If any tickets are to be used for State Events NJSIAA – all above procedures should be followed and you must state on the Ticket Accounting Forms “STATE EVENT – NJSIAA” so that proper accounting of these tickets are taken.
    Instructions for Compensation Officials

    For each official and event, complete the compensation voucher form. Place a voucher number on the form. The voucher number consists of the following – first letter of school – school year, using first half year only – numerical numbering starting with one (1). Example: L-06-1. This number represents Lenape High School, 2006-2007 school year, voucher #1.

    Have the official complete his/her sections making sure it is legible and give the official the pink copy.

    The Athletic Director will verify and sign off on the payment amount and keep the yellow copy for his/her record.

    The white copy will be the backup documentation that is sent to the Business Administrator along with the Officials Compensation Sheet.

    The Officials Compensation Sheet is completed by filling in the following:

    a. the time period which consists of the 1st to the 15th and 16th to the 30th of each month.

    b. The school name

    c. Official information including name, social security number, all voucher numbers and total amount due. (Please note there is one entry per official.)

    Officials that are used more than once are designated by filling in the multiple voucher numbers.

    The total packet sent to the Business Administrator on the 16th and 1st of each month will consist of the following:

    a. All vouchers in numerical order from a designated time period.

    b. One completed summary sheet indicating the aggregate amount due to each official.