All additional payroll compensation must be filled into the Extra Pay Form and submitted to the Business Office before established deadlines to be included in the appropriate pay date requested using the following guidelines:

    1. Print or type names neatly and enter all other data requested. Please note that this is a summary report, therefore a person should only appear in this report once.

    2. The back up data should NOT be included with this report or sent to the Business Office.

    3. To insure timely payments, this report must be in the Business Office by the established dates sent out each year.

    4. All Extra Pay Forms should be completed and submitted to the Business Office within one (1) month after completion of work.

    5. All Extra Pay Forms must be submitted to the Business office before June 20th of every school year to ensure that time worked is charged to the correct school fiscal year. Extra Pay Forms submitted after this date may be considered past due and may not be processed.

    6. If you have any questions, please contact the Business Office.

    Established Dates: 2008-2009 School Year