Expense and Travel Reimbursements

  • Personnel will be reimbursed for all authorized reasonable travel expenses in accordance with the applicable administrative rules and regulations governing verification of costs incurred.

    Authorized travel is defined as:

    1. That travel among schools necessary during school sessions, but not in reporting to work a full half-day or more at any one school.

    2. That travel authorized in advance by the Superintendent or an administrator delegated by the Superintendent, to carry out educationally valuable assignments out of town: e.g.: attendance at curriculum conferences, educational meetings, workshops and similar gatherings beneficial to the school system.

    3. That travel authorized in advance by the Superintendent to carry out functions such as: building maintenance, building repair and construction, financial management and similar activities.

    Teachers attending conventions and workshops, and those serving on committees will be reimbursed for accrued expenses. This decision, however, shall rest with the Superintendent and each request shall be screened for its merits except as specified by law.  Please refer to Policy 3440: Reimbursement for Travel and Related Expenses.

    Mileage Reimbursement and Travel Reimbursement forms can be found in the Staff Forms section.