Purchases exceeding the bid limit of $44,000 may be exempt from the competitive bidding process if it can be shown that an emergency exists.

    1. An actual emergency must exist. An “emergency” is not to be created as a result of inadequate planning, delay, failure to take into account construction season or administrative convenience.

    2. An emergency is defined as a situation affecting the health or safety of occupants of a school property that requires the immediate delivery of articles or performance of service to alleviate the emergency.


    a. School Business Administrator is notified- The School Business Administrator is notified by the employee/supervisor/administrator requesting a declaration of and emergency.

    b. Written requisition filed with Business Administrator- A written requisition (purchase order) for the performance of work or the furnishing of materials is filed with the Business Administrator describing the following:

    1. Nature of emergency

    2. Time of occurrence

    3. The need for invoking the emergency statute

    c. Awarding of contract by Business Administrator – If the Business Administrator is satisfied the emergency exists; the Business Administrator is, by State Law, authorized to award the contract.

    d. Filing of documents with State and County by schools Business Administrator- In accordance with N.J.A.C. 6:20-8.5 the following documents must be filed with the Bureau of Facility Planning and the County Superintendent within three (3) days after awarding the contract or agreement:

    1. A copy of the contract or agreement

    2. A copy of the written requisition

    e. Approval by Board of Education- The Board of Education at its next regular public meeting shall review and ratify said emergency purchase.