A board may enter into a contract without advertising for bids where the board has solicited three quotations on purchases for which a State Contract has been issued and the lowest responsible quotation for identical materials, supplies or equipment, in the same quantities, is at least ten percent lower than under the State contract. A board may award such a contract only upon adoption of a resolution by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the full membership of the board at a meeting authorizing such a contract. A copy of the purchase order, the requisition and identifying documentation must be filed with the DCA within five working days of the award, which must notify the board of its receipt. The board must make available to the Director of the DCA upon request any related documents including quotations, requests for quotations, and resolutions. The DCA has provided an optional submission checklist intended to help contracting units comply with the requirements.

    The item being considered must be the same as or better than the state contract item. This includes the manufacturer.