The Purchase Bureau, Department of the Treasury, State of New Jersey, negotiates with numerous vendors conducting business in the State of New Jersey. The contracts awarded to these businesses on an annual basis realize savings in many instances. All personnel are encouraged to take advantage of these State contract awards. Purchases made under these circumstances may be made without adhering to the bidding process regardless of the total purchase price.

    There is a New Jersey State Website link for state purchasing in which there is a section for state contracts. There are over 200 different categories of commodities available through this database.

    The Purchase of materials or services from vendors with state contracts is not always necessary. The location of some vendors may make it impracticable to deal with them. In some cases better prices and services might be obtained from local vendors, under the bidding process if necessary.

    1. Awards Lists- Awards lists contain the names and addresses of the vendors, and in many cases a list of materials available including prices, terms, delivery timelines, etc. In some instances only the names and addresses of the vendors is furnished with an award based on discount from list price or catalog price. Catalogs and price lists may be obtained from the vendor through the award contact person.

    2. Best Price- Persons ordering through state contracts are to ensure that materials and/or equipment is the lowest price available consistent with individual needs and delivery times. There is a provision within the Public School Contracts Law allowing purchases from non-state contract vendors when the price is 10% less than the price available on state contract (see Bidding Exception).

    3. Purchase Orders- All purchase orders placed using a state contract must indicate the state contract award number of the vendor in the space provided on the purchase order. These contract numbers should be verified by the person issuing the purchase order. Contact the Business Office for assistance in verifying state contract numbers.

    4. Abuse of Contracts- Vendors may recommend items for purchase under state contract which are not included in the state contract award. Verification of items included in the contract is critical. Vendors have been known at times to provide state contract numbers to Districts that are not valid. All state contract awards begin with an alphabetic designation (A) and are followed by five numbers. State Contracts are awarded with expiration dates, and purchases may not be made after the date of expiration of the contract. Oftentimes contracts are extended by the State under a new state contract award number to the vendor.