In certain instances it may become necessary to transfer funds to an account to fulfill the needs of a program. Supervisors may request transfers of funds from one account to another within a department/program by completing a request for transfer of funds form. Instructions for completing this form are provided on the bottom section of the form itself. Following are the general rules regarding transfers; however, specific rules may change from year to year.

    1. The request for transfer form is forwarded through the principal to the Business Office. The Business Office will verify availability of funds for the transfer and determine whether it is an allowable transfer. If the transfer is permitted and properly completed, it is forwarded to the Business Administrator and Superintendent for approval.
    2. Encumbrances or expenditures of funds may not be made against these transfers until the transfer has been approved and a copy returned to the originator. Originators will receive one copy of the form indicating approval or disapproval. This copy should be maintained on file. The transfer will be reflected in the expenditure account analysis report.
    3. Transfers may not be submitted with purchase orders.
    4. Transfers of funds from one department to another department will only be approved when a serious emergency arises and funds are unavailable in any accounts in the programs of the supervisor. The transfer request will be submitted justification outlining the need for the transfer.
    5. Transfers of funds are to be requested only to overcome difficulties created due to unforeseen circumstances and are not to be used to juggle accounts to allow for purchases that are not of an operational necessity. The transfer of funds request must indicate a sound reason for the transfer; a statement such as “insufficient funds” or “overdraft in account” is not a satisfactory explanation of the need.
    Funds may not be transferred into or from the following accounts; salaries, textbooks, field trips, or travel.