A contingency fund (petty cash fund) has been established for the purpose of providing petty cash money to administrative staff specifically authorized by the Board of Education at the beginning of the fiscal year. The petty cash contingency fund is to be used for the purpose it was designed and is not a source of immediate payment for any other purpose. Petty cash funds are distributed in the beginning of the school year to the designated individuals and will be reimbursed upon submission of a petty cash reimbursement form with receipts. Purchases made with petty cash should not exceed $25.00. Purchases over $25.00 should be made through the purchase order system with the proper approvals. All unused petty cash must be returned to the business office along with remaining receipts prior to June 30th of each year. A reminder of this requirement is normally forwarded to applicable individuals in June. A copy of the petty cash reimbursement form is included in the appendix.