• LDTV Award History  
    The LDTV Awards, now in it's 22nd year, recognizes the best student work in the Television Broadcasting Technology programs at Lenape High School, Shawnee High School, Cherokee High School, and Seneca High School. Students submit their video projects into differing categories ranging from on-air talent to documentary. Some categories have students compete amongst their peers at their school, while others crown only one winner for the entire district (all four high schools). Here you will find a recent history of Lenape's success at the LDTV Awards.
  • 22nd LDTV Awards
    May 17, 2017
     ESA (Best of District)
    McKenna Samson
    "It's Not The End"
    Technical Achievement (Best of District)
    Zach Gold 
     Cheryl Haines-Germinario 
    Award of Excellence

    Rachel Fox
     Demo Reel
    Matthew Agger
     On-Air Talent
    Shannon Lambert
     Educational Service Announcement (ESA)
    McKenna Samson
    "It's Not The End"
    News Package
    Michael Foley
    Michael Sleeper 
    "New Lenape Musical Director" 
  • Best of School
     Cheryl Haines-Germinario
    Award of Excellence
    2017: Rachel Fox
    2016: Maxwell Bass
    2015: Adam Derengowski
    2014: Lauren Muccilli
    2013: Matthew McGrorty
    2012: Katie Clauss
    2011: Alex Clauss
    2010: Andrew Corkery
    2009: Sal Brasile
    Demo Reel
    (Est. 2016)

    2017: Matthew Agger
    2016: Maxwell Bass 
    On-Air Talent

    2017: Shannon Lambert
    2016: Jack Watson
    2015: Celine Pence
    2014: Jack Watson
    2013: Kiersten Campbell
    2012: Mason Betterly
    2011: Christine Gargus
    2010: Katie Clauss
    2009: Alex Levitt
     News Package

    2017: Michael Foley and Michael Sleeper - New Lenape Musical Director
    2016: Maxwell Bass and Jack Watson - "Lenape Mock Caucus"
    2015: Ryan Anderson and Shannon Kenny - "STORM Robotics"
    2014: Max Bass and Evan Bradley - "Student Job Fair"
    2013: Lauren Muccilli and Myranda Zanol-Pacheco - "Legally Blonde"
    2012: Kiersten Campbell and Katie Clauss - "Fall Play"
    2011: Aaron Stadler and Mac Tan - "Storm Robotics"
    2010: Andrew Corkery - "New Computer Rollout"
    2009: Andrew Corkery and Nick Silvidio - "LDTV"
    Educational Service Announcement (ESA)

    2017: McKenna Samson - "It's Not The End"
    2016: Scott Buck, Matthew Derengowski, Rachel Fox and Alexa Forgione - "Connect, Respect, Protect"
    2015: Erin Sawadzki - "95 Years" 
    2014: Tony Devlin and Lauren Muccilli - "Drunk Driving"
    2013: Lauren Clemence, Amanda Montague - "Think Before You Act"
    2012: Adam Farhan, Matthew McGrorty - "Recycling"
    2011: Alex Clauss, Chris Cramer, and Sean Kelly - "You Wouldn't"
    2010: Alex Clauss, Andrew Corkery, and Sean Kelly - "Suicide: A Final End" 
  • Best of District
     News Show

    2016: Producers - Maxwell Bass, Jack Watson
    2012: Producers - Katie Clauss, Alonza Cotton, Matthew McGrorty
    2011: Producers - Kevin Bohinski and Aaron Stadler
    Students of the Month Series

    2016: Producers - Maxwell Bass, Alexa Forgione, Shannon Kenny 
    2012: Producers - Katie Clauss, Matthew McGrorty 
     Educational Service Announcement (ESA)
    (Est. 2016)

    2017: McKenna Samson - "It's Not The End"
    2016: Scott Buck, Matthew Derengowski, Alexa Forgione, Rachel Fox - "Connect, Respect, Protect"
     News Package
    (Est. 2016)

    2016: Maxwell Bass, Jack Watson- "Lenape Mock Caucus"

    2013: Alex McKeen - "180 Hours"
    2012: Scott Siracusano - "Freedom of Movement"
    2011: Mason Betterly - "Walking the Frontlines"
    Technical Achievement
    2017: Zach Gold - "Teleporting" 
    Sideline Reporter

    2015: Celine Pence
    2014: Lauren Clemence
    2013: Kiersten Campbell
    2012: Katie Clauss 
    Sports Announcer

    2016: Jack Watson
    2015: Jack Watson 
    2014: Jack Watson
    2013: Tyler Brosious 
  • Retired Categories
     Sports News Package
    (Retired 2015, Best of School)

    2015: Lexa Forgione and Rachel Fox - "ATSA"
    2014: Lindsay Wood and Ryan Ventrella - "Wii Tournament"
    2013: Kiersten Campbell - "Girls Spring Track"
    2012: Kiersten Campbell and Katie Clauss - "Boys' Basketball"
    2011: Dan Gilliss and Bryce Kelly - "Boys' Basketball"
    2010: Max Cioban and Scott Siracusano - "Girls' Soccer"
    Specialty Piece
    (Retired 2015, Best of School)

    2015: Max Bass - "Battle of the Homerooms"
    2014: Lauren Clemence - "Couples Game"
    2013: Kiersten Campbell, Adam Farhan, Bryce Kelly, Matthew McGrorty, Alex McKeen - "Erased"
    2012: Scott Siracusano - "Addiction"
    2011: Scott Siracusano - "The Classroom"
    2010: Mason Betterly and David Korhumel - "Mason's Weekend Weather Update"
    2009: Kellen Hogan - "New Office Tour" 
     Event Coverage
    (Retired 2015, Best of District)

    2015: Max Bass, Michael Moroski - "Red and Gray Night"
    2014: Adam Derengowski - "Red and Gray Night"
    2013: Adam Farhan, Matthew McGrorty, Alex McKeen - "Red and Gray Night"
    2012: Mason Betterly, Katie Clauss, Matthew Ebert - "Red and Gray Night"
    2011: David Korhumel - "Red and Gray Night"