• LTV Honors  
    Each year before the LDTV Awards, Lenape TV held a big gathering where the "Lenape TV Honors" were presented. These provide recognition for students and projects that are not represented in the LDTV Awards. Below you will find descriptions of the categories, as well as a listing of past winners.
  • Outstanding Lenape Live Commercial/Promo Segment that promotes a school event.
    Outstanding Recurring Lenape Live Segment A series of segments under one title that has aired on at least two episodes.
    Outstanding Lenape Live Interview Segment Segment that creatively and effectively contains interview with staff and/or students.
    Outstanding Lenape Live Adapted Segment Segment that parodies or recreates a topic or subject that already exists.
    Outstanding Lenape Live Original Segment Segment that creatively and effectively contains interview with staff and/or students.
    Outstanding Lenape Live Informational Segment Segment that is professional and effectively informs viewers.
    Andrew Corkery "No Shame" Award  This student demonstrates an enthusiasm in his or her video projects that reflects positively on the program.
    Outstanding LDTV Crew Member - Student who has been the most dependable in working crew for LDTV Sports shoots.
    Fix-it Award The student who is most able to troubleshoot any problems with equipment.

    Technology Rising Star Underclassman who has shown promise in graphics and technical elements of television production.
    On-Air Rising Star Underclassman who has shown promise in on-air performances.
    Outstanding New Member New student to the program who has demonstrated talent, commitment to the program and a willingness to learn.
    Sophomore Member of the Year Sophomore member who has demonstrated talent, commitment to the program and a willingness to learn.
    Junior Member of the Year Junior member who has demonstrated talent, commitment to the program and a willingness to learn.
  • Fix-It Award 
    2017: Matthew Agger
    2016: Maxwell Bass
    2015: Caleb Demree
    2014: Anthony Pizzo
    2013: Adam Farhan
    2012: Matthew Ebert
    2011: David Korhumel 
    2010: David Korhumel
    Technology Rising Star 
    2017: Michael Sleeper
    2016: Kyle Bauer
    On-Air Rising Star  
    2017: Max Gordon 
    2016: Michael Foley
    Outstanding New Member 
    2017: Mia Miller
    2016: Nick Morse
    2015: Derek Hill
    2014: Celine Pence
    2013: Erin Sawadzki
    2012: Adam Derengowski
    Sophomore Member of the Year 
    2017: Jeffrey Gatton
    2016: Garrett Williams
    Junior Member of the Year 
    2017: Samantha Blyn
    2016: Alexa Forgione
    Andrew Corkery "No Shame" Award 
    2017: Kelly Donohue
    2016: Autumn Vilches-Cruz
    2015: Scott Buck
    2014: Jake Shulman
    2013: Matthew McGrorty
    2012: Jake Shulman
    2011: Matthew McGrorty
    Outstanding Lenape Live Original Segment 
    2017 (Tie): "Christmas vs. Thanksgiving" - Meaghan Corej, Shannon Lambert
    2017 (Tie): "Nice Lenape Students" - Leia Cryan, Mia Miller, Erin Tuinman
    2016: "Try Not to Scream" - Megan Upham
    2015: "Literal Tests" - John Civitillo, Zach Gold
    2014: "Expecations vs. Reality: Midterms" - Lauren Clemence, Samantha Goldstein
    2013: "Sandy Cam" - Lauren Clemence
    2012: "Halloween Safety" - Jake Shulman, Scott Siracusano
    Outstanding Lenape Live Informational Segment 
    2017: "Top 5 Disney Rides" - Autumn Vilches-Cruz
    2016: "NFL Playoffs - Conference Championships" - Max Bass, Jack Watson
    2015: "Summer News Lookback" - Scott Buck
    2014: "New Recycling Policy" - John Conlow, Amanda Montague
    Outstanding Lenape Live Recurring Segment 
    2017: "Did Jew Know" - Anna Rodefeld, Lauren Rosenberg
    2016: "7 Second Challenge" - Samantha Blyn, Anna Rodefeld
    2015: "This Week In History" - Erin Sawadzki
    2014:"Super Cereal" - Will Davis, Jack Watson
    2013: "30 Seconds or Less" - Scott Buck
    2012: "Weekend Weather Report" - Bruke Mammo, Alex McKeen
    2011: "Morning Show Promos" - Dave Collins, Scott Siracusano 
    2010: "Morning Show Ade" - Andrew Corkery, Justin Freyer, Chris Owens
    Outstanding Lenape Live Adapted Segment 
    2017: No Award
    2016: "The Walking Dead" - Zach Gold
    2015 - 'The Twilight Zone" - Evan Bradley 
    2014: "Freaks and Geeks Opener" - Melissa Cheeseman, Ruth Demree
    2013: "School Shop" - Max Aronow, Garrett Beatty
    2012: "Friends Opener" - Kiersten Campbell, Katie Clauss
    Outstanding Lenape Live Commercial/Promo 
    2017: "Talent Show Auditions" - Alexa Forgione, Rachel Fox
    2016 - "Dodgeball" - Shannon Lambert
    2015: "Mr. Lenape 2015 Promo" - Adam Derengowski
    2014: "Red and Gray Night" Series - Adam Derengowski
    2013: "Wing Bowl" - Matthew McGrorty, Alex McKeen
    2012:"OZception" - Mason Betterly
    2011: "Lenape Idol" - Kiersten Campbell, Katie Clauss 
    2010: "Chess Club" - Jeff Bauer
    Outstanding Lenape Live Interview Segment 
    2017: "Rappin' Dr. Seuss" - Leia Cryan, Mia Miller
    2016: "Spanish Word of the Day" - Michael Donnelly
    2015: "Are You Smarter Than Your Parents?" - Chloe Carr, Martina Tan
    2014: "Scary Interviews" - Scott Buck 
    2013: "Bad Songs" - Max Aronow, Scott Buck
    2012: "Back to School Night" - Frankie Ieradi, Bryce Kelly

    Outstanding LDTV Crew Member 
    2016: Gilbert Ongwenyi
    2015: Scott Buck
    2014: Scott Buck
    2013: Anthony Pizzo
    2012: Kevin Custis
    2011: Alex Clauss 
    2010: Charles Goldman
    Most Dependable 
    2015: Max Bass
    2014: Caleb Demree
    2013: Adam Derengowski
    2012: Alonza Cotton
    2011: Matt Ebert 
    2010: Alex Clauss
    Outstanding Project - Communication Technology I 
    2010-11: "Movie Trailer" - Anthony Ieradi, Riccardo Mui 
    2009-10: "ESA" - Bryce Kelly, Kyle Houseal, Austin Shipley
    Outstanding Project - Communication Technology II 
    2010-11: "Happy, Cheery, Calm (Musical Theme)" - Louis Cabrera 
    2009-10: "Music Video" - Jackie Celona
    Outstanding Project - Communication Technology III 
    2010-11: "Extraction" - Mason Betterly 
    2009-10: "Red and Gray Night Recap" - Phil Jackson