As soon as merchandise is received, supervisors should examine the delivered goods for conformance with the purchase order. When the invoice is received, it should be reviewed to insure all merchandise listed has been received. It should than be forwarded to Accounts Payable along with the signed payment authorizing payment (green P.O. copy). Invoices should be annotated to indicate if payment is final or partial. Partial payments will not be issued without a voucher. When an order involves several shipments and invoices, the final shipment will be noted by the supervisor indication that the payment is final. Proper noting of invoices and /or payment authorizations for partial and final payments will prevent deleting an open order or maintaining an order balance for merchandise that will not be received. No account adjustments are made to cancel balances until a final payment is issued.

    Supervisors should annotate their file copy of the purchase order indicating that the invoice was forwarded to Accounts Payable and included any changes in amount that differ from the original purchase order. An invoice number can identify most invoices; this number should be included on the supervisor's record for reference to the Ledger Report and for any communication with the Business Office.

    The Vendors Certification (pink copy or voucher), when received by the origination, should be signed and forwarded to Accounts Payable. When this copy is received in the Business Office from the vendor, it is matched up with the Business Offices copy of the purchase order.

    Supervisors should verify the payment authorization (green P.O. Copy) to the invoice amount and change the payment authorization, if necessary, to match the invoice. If a billing differs from the original purchase order and multiple accounts have been charged, the appropriate charges to each account should be noted on the invoice or payment authorization for Accounts Payable.