Purchasing with public funds is regulated by statute. In addition, the Board of Education has set forth policies regulating the expenditure of funds. There are also federal statutes that must be applied in some purchases.

    1. Voucher requirement - the vendor certification is required by statute
    1. Board of Education approval to disburse funds is required by statute. Requests to disburse moneys (issue checks) outside of the established Board of Education procedures will be considered for emergencies only. These emergency disbursements are submitted to the Board of Education for approval at a subsequent date.
    1. Vendors named on purchase orders are the payees (receiver of the check). In no instance should a purchase order be placed with the intent of forwarding the cash to a third party payee. Separate purchase orders shall be submitted for any disbursements to multiple payees.
    Employees of the school district performing duties under the jurisdiction and approval of the Board of Education as an employee shall not be compensated by a purchase order. All compensation must be paid through payroll. Employees will receive reimbursements of expenses incurred while on District business by a purchase order.