• When you open a Google docs page:

    • Set the font to Times New Roman, size 12
    • Set the spacing to double space
    To insert a header: 
    • Click on insert
    • Select Page number
    • Select the top left option
    • Place the cursor in front of the number and type your last name, followed by a space
    • Note: this is all that is necessary for a header
    In the body of the paper, in the top left, type:
    Your Name
    My Name
    Due Date
    • Hit Enter and type the paper's title, followed by the centering tab
    • Hit enter again, then left format tab, then tab, then begin writing
    • Note that this is NOT the header. This should appear ONLY on the first page. The header will be on every page followed by the page number

    To set up a Works Cited page:

    • Go to a BRAND NEW page and place the cursor as high on the page as possible (but still underneath the line the header is on)
    • Type Works Cited, then hit the center tab
    • Hit enter again, then hit left alignment tab
    • Begin entries alphabetically
    • Remember to use a hanging indent (2nd and all other subsequent lines for each entry indented 5 spaces)