Seneca College Wall
Seneca College Hall 

Seneca High School celebrates our "two graduations" initiative
with an annual College Hall. Each student's name is added
to a list under their future college's name and logo.

Seneca Teachers' Colleges  
Seneca Teachers' Colleges
 Posted in a display case throughout the year are teachers'
photos next to the college or university they attended. 
Students enjoy talking about their future plans with teachers,
especially when they know the faculty member went to the
school they plan to attend. Next to the display is a map of the
United States charting where Seneca students will continue
 their studies on their paths to two graduations.
Seneca College Acceptances
In addition to posting college acceptances on our school website,
Seneca High School administrators celebrate our students by
reading their names and the college to which they were accepted on
the morning announcements. This initiative has promoted dialogue
about post-high school plans, as students are excited to see who
else from Seneca might be attending the same school.