•  PostSecondaryDestinations
    Cherokee Post-Secondary Destinations
    Our Chiefs have plans far and wide.
    This map shows how many of our seniors will be
    attending college by state or be serving in the military.
     Cherokee Athlete
    Cherokee Collegiate Athletes
    Pictured above are the Class of 2017 athletes who
    will be pursuing athletics at the collegiate level next year.

    Cherokee Academic Awards Night
    At Cherokee’s Academic Awards Ceremony, over 100 of our seniors
    proudly sported their college t-shirts and informed those present
    of their post-high school plans via a video presentation.
    Cheorkee Renaissance Wall  
    Cherokee Renaissance Wall
    Proudly displayed each year, “Renaissance’s College Wall” is popular
    stop for staff and students to check out our 
    seniors’ post-graduation plans.
    College Homepage
     Seniors' college choices are displayed on the homepage.