• Welcome to Seneca's Senior Directory


    The senior section of the yearbook will feature your response to one of the questions below. To participate, you will need to visit the site below by December 1st and provide your responses. This is your opportunity to leave your mark, and we know you won't want to miss out!


    KEEP IN MIND your responses will be copied exactly how you type them, so spell everything correctly, use proper grammar, and keep it school appropriate!!! Anything that is not found to be school appropriate will be edited and/or risk a possible deletion from the directory.


    Your response to the first question will be placed in the senior section of the yearbook so do not use bullets and be sure to keep it clean.


    Mandatory Question #1: What words of wisdom would you like to leave for those still here at Seneca? This is the perfect place for parting words to friends, quotes, or your own true words of wisdom. 30 to 35 words maximum


    Mandatory Question #2: Of all the events you have attended, what was your favorite and why was it so memorable in your eyes?


    Mandatory Question #3: How has a club/sport/organization here at Seneca changed you for the better and left its mark on you? Name something it taught you or a favorite memory from your time as part of the group.


    Question #4: What is your major going to be in college or your next step in life in terms of a career? Also, feel free to provide why you chose that as your goal?  We understand that you might still be deciding, but if you could do what you want, what would it be?


    Question #5: What is an interesting fact that you would like to share with your classmates? It can be an interest, a goal you have, or something that you think others might be interested to know about you. 20 to 25 words maximum


    Question #6: Please Enter Your Full Name and the Town where you live. (First Last, Town)

                           ex. John Doe, Tabernacle