You will be creating an online, informative "How To" video
    using the PowToon Website.

    Step One:  Complete the Brainstorming Sheet below.  This will help you gather your information before you begin designing and creating your video.

    Step Two:  Create your PowToon account following your teacher's instructions.  Instructions are also provided in the PowToon Directions file below.  Create your NoodleTools account. 

    Step Three:  Complete your video in the class time given.  Be sure to check the rubric frequently to review the criteria for this project.   Also, make sure that you are citing the pictures you find on the Internet as well as the music you use. 


    An Example of a poorly done PowToon


    Contact Mrs. Hahn at mhahn@lrhsd.org or 609-654-7544 x8798