Special Education Services

  • The Lenape District offers a complete range of programs for students who have been determined to be "Eligible for Special Education and Related Services."

    Resource Center programs: Integral to these programs is a curriculum stressing study, organizational skills, and transition planning. Resource center teachers are in close contact with the students’ mainstream teachers.

    • In-class support
    • Pull-out support
    • Pull-out replacement instruction in content areas

    Inclusion: The vast majority of classified students are being served in regular programs with support or minimal pullout, with a varying degree of in-class support. The objective is to provide every student with an opportunity to receive education in the least restrictive environment with programs designed to meet his or her individual needs.

    Self-contained programs: These programs are for students requiring a much more concentrated instructional program. There are various and separate programs serving students with severe learning, developmental, and emotional difficulties. Some mainstreaming may occur as appropriate.

    Other services provided:

    • Speech and language therapy
    • Psychological counseling
    • Parent of Special Education Students (POSES) Support group
    • Child Study Teams based within each school
    • Support groups for students

    Sequoia Alternative Program: A district program for classified and non-classified students who require a highly structured learning environment with intense academic remediation and instruction, interactive discipline and counseling, and varied opportunities for social and emotional development. All students have an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) or an IPP (Individual Program Plan) which is reviewed yearly. A case manager from the Child Study Team and/or a mentor is assigned to work with the student, parent(s), and teachers.

    Out of District placements: Proposed for students who need more intensive services in a more restrictive setting, than can be provided at the four high schools or Sequoia. As determined appropriate by the IEP team, students may receive specialized programs in public or private special education settings.

    For students who do not receive Special Education but require an Accommodation Plan:

    Section 504 Services: The District complies with all provisions of the "Rehabilitation Act - Section 504" and "Americans with Disabilities Act - ADA, 1992." A student may be referred to the school’s 504 Coordinator through the Counseling Center to determine eligibility and receive assistance.