• Schedule Changes

    The district schools conduct extensive orientation programs in subject and subject level variations in the course of study. To minimize disruptions of student schedules and to maintain class size balance and continuity of instruction, changes in student programs must be reasonably restricted. 

    Prior to the original program selection by the students, the schools conduct departmental programs describing subjects and subject level differences to provide students with reliable information to select their subjects.

    Student's selected programs for the ensuing year are submitted for individual inspection in the winter of the preceding year. These are proofs of the student's requests. Changes, additions, and/or deletions are permitted where possible as outlined in the change of schedule regulation below.

    District Regulation On Program Changes
    The Lenape Regional High School District offers a comprehensive educational program to meet the needs and interests of all students. The Master Schedule is developed from course requests submitted in the late winter/early spring and is finalized in August in order to set student and teacher schedules and to set class sizes throughout the district. There is always the possibility that a class will close early due to heavy enrollment or that a class will not be scheduled due to an insufficient number of students electing that subject. Counselors meet with students and teachers to give input and recommendations as students are making their selections. No student may take more than one study hall in any year. All students will be scheduled for a minimum of seven classes. 

    Schedule change decisions will be governed by the following guidelines: 

    I.     It is in the student's best interest to have the appropriate schedule in place at the time school opens. Every effort is made to provide students with a schedule commensurate with state and district guidelines and personal post graduate plans prior to the opening of school in September. A request made by a parent or guardian for a change in schedule must be submitted to the Counseling Center prior to August 1. Changes will be honored based on course availability.

    II.     Students who have requested a course on their selection sheets and have not been scheduled for the course may see their counselors during the first week of school to correct the error.

    III.     Students are required to work to their fullest potential prior to making a request for any schedule change. Students must demonstrate that they have attempted to fulfill all course expectations, e.g., completion of all assignments, seeking extra help, and have met all other conditions established by the instructor.

    IV.     Students enrolling in a course after the start of the semester are responsible for all course expectations. This includes coursework covered prior to the student's enrollment. The student is responsible for developing a work completion schedule with the instructor.

    V.     Level Changes - These are changes within the same subject area. Class changes between departments are not considered level changes. Level changes may be considered within the following time lines:

         A.    Full year course- Level changes will be considered between the first school day in October and one  week after the first marking period report cards have been issued and again for one week after first semester report cards have been issued.

         B.    Semester courses- Level Changes will be considered during the month of October for first semester courses and February for second semester courses.

    VI.     Course changes - The investigation into the possibility of course changes for full year and first semester courses may begin with the third week of school and continue up to the sixth week of the semester. For second semester courses only, students will have the month of February to investigate and make changes. The student is responsible for developing a work completion schedule with the instructor.

    VII.     Course drops- Students scheduled for eight (8) courses may investigate the possibility of a drop to study hall beginning on the first school day in October continuing until one week after the first marking period cards have been posted.  For second semester courses only, students will have the month of February to investigate the possibility of a drop to study hall.

    VIII.     Withdrawal from any course will result in the recording of a WP (withdraw passing) or WF (withdraw failing) on the student's permanent record (transcripts).

    IX.     A change of teacher within the same course is not permitted. However, extenuating circumstances sometimes arise that may necessitate the need to consider a change. A teacher change may be made only by the principal after careful review of the supervisor's recommendation.

    X.     No schedule change will be considered without teacher input. When a teacher determines it is in the student's best interest to remain in the course, a parent conference must be held before any further consideration is given to the request.

    XI.     Parental permission is necessary for ALL changes except those resulting from clerical error.

    XII.     Any change in schedule may impact Athletic Eligibility and/or college admissions