Rank In Class

  • Lenape Regional High School does not publish or release class rank.  We believe that our students’ levels of achievement are more equitably and fully communicated through multiple measures than a single figure transcript statistic.

    Recognizing there may be limited circumstances in which students may be adversely affected without the release of class rank, a waiver may be completed by the parent/legal guardian and student requesting that either weighted or unweighted class rank be released to a specific college/university. Weighted class rank is based on the weighted grade point average and unweighted class rank is based on the regular grade point average.

    Some examples as indicated below:
    1.      If the student will not receive consideration for admission without the release of individual class rank.
    2.      If the student will not receive consideration for a scholarship, or admission to a particular program or provided a benefit without the release of class rank. 
    3.      If the student will not receive consideration for recognition in certain local, State or national programs of recognition without the release of rank.

    There will be two formats for a students’ Grade Point Average:  The regular grade point average (GPA) and weighted grade point average (wGPA). 

    1.    Calculating the regular GPA
    The regular GPA shall be computed on the basis of all subjects taken within the school day. Grade points will be awarded on a 4.0 scale with A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, and F=0. The final grade for the course shall be multiplied by the number of credits completed for each course. The total points for all courses completed are then divided by the total credits completed to determine the GPA.

    2.    Calculating the wGPA 
    ●    Only leveled academic courses from any of the five academic areas (English, World Language, Math, Science and Social Studies) or other courses designated as Advanced Placement (AP) will be included in the wGPA.

    ●    The wGPA shall be calculated by dividing the total weighted quality points by the total credits of the courses completed in the core academic area.

    ●    Weighted quality points shall be calculated by multiplying the final grade for the core academic course by the number of credits completed for each core academic course using the following 6.0 scale:
                      HON:                     A=6      B=5      C=4      D=3      F=0

                      ACC:                      A=5      B=4      C=3      D=2      F=0

                      CP/MOD/PR:           A=4      B=3      C=2      D=1      F=0

    ●   Core academic courses taken through a Summer School Remediation program shall be computed as a College Prep (CP)-D.

    ●   Core academic courses taken through an Option Two program shall be counted in the wGPA only if the student has successfully taken the district Proof of Proficiency assessment for that course.