• Welcome to Accounting 2
    The first part of the course will be an introduction to using the Automated Accounting program.  Using the program will eliminate the need for you to do any manual mathematical calculations.  You just need to enter the correct journal entries!!  Then, the program will take the information you gave it and do magical things!.  Note:  This is NOT a web-based program.  If you are absent, you will need to make up the work in class at another date (to be scheduled between you and I).  As we progress through the program, you will notice that we are basically reviewing what we learned in Chapters 1-16 in Accounting 1.  So if you haven't had Accounting in a year or two, relax, Automated Accounting will be a good review course!
    The second part of the course is completing an accounting simulation where you are the accountant for the Unique Global Enterprises Company.  You get to keep track of all the company's transactions for the fiscal period.
    The third part of the course: 
    We will continue using the green textbook found at each desk in the classroom (Chapters 17-24).