• Introduction to Business
    Enduring Understandings


    Students will understand that:

    Introduction to Business

    Course Description


    Students will explore various topics in the business world. Specific areas of study will include: economic systems, management, marketing, advertising, banking and credit, ethics, international business, and career exploration. Students will have an opportunity to develop computer literacy skills, consumer skills, and communication skills.


    Course Objectives


    The student will be able to:

    Compare and contrast how economic decisions affect individual consumers, businesses, and countries.
    Identify four economic systems and explain why market economies are becoming more common.
    Analyze examples of ethical business behavior and discuss the ramifications of social irresponsibility on consumers, the environment, and employees.
    Differentiate among the four phases of the business cycle and pinpoint historic events that led to cycle changes.
    Differentiate between needs vs. wants and goods vs. services.
    Describe the role of businesses in the economy.
    Define and categorize the four types of business ownership.
    List and describe the three management levels and the four functions of management.
    Explain the role of human resources in the success of business.
    Follow the steps in the career planning process.
    Analyze functions in marketing.
    Compare and contrast consumer rights and responsibilities with regard to the consumer
    Analyze services provided by the banking industry 
    Describe the components of the international business environment.  


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