• Course Offerings Overview


    PLEASE NOTE: The following listed courses are generally available throughout the District. However, there are instances where specific courses may be limited to only one or two locations. Such occasions occur when:


    1. There are facility limitations at a site.

    2. The District is experimenting with a course at a site to evaluate it for inclusion in the curriculum.

    3. There may be a demand for a specific course at one site and not at the others.

    4. There are variations in pre-high school preparations among sending districts.


    It must also be remembered that only when a sufficient number of registrations take place is it possible to operate a course.


    Courses listed with an * asterisk are courses that may provide the option of obtaining Rowan College at Burlington County (RCBC) or Rowan University (RU) credits simultaneously along with the high school credits. For more information about the CAP Program, please click here.