• Welcome to Fashions & Clothing 1
    We have an exciting year ahead of us learning the basics of sewing and the fashion industry.
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    Units of Study Include:
    1-Parts, Function & Understanding of Safety and Operation of Sewing Equipment
    2-Sewing Tools & Equipment
    3-Understanding a Pattern (Selecting the proper size, understanding symbols and how to follow directions to make a garment)
    4-Alterations (Basic alterations to an existing pattern prior to construction)
    5- Clothing Styles (be able to identify a variety of styles and identify their historical/cultural influences when possible)
    6-Elements & Principles of Design
    7-Textiles (Basic understanding of natural and manufactured fibers and their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages pertaining to garments)
    8-Fabric Care (Understand routine care of garments)
    9-Basic Construction Techniques ( complete a minimum of 3 projects including basic seams and finishes, inserting a zipper and fit to themselves or another)