• Create your own homepage

    • Imagine that you are going to create a website about yourself.  What would your homepage look like?
    • Select a software program your are comfortable with.  This could be Word, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.
    • Using that software program, create your homepage.  Remember, you are just creating what your homepage would look like, nothing else.
    • What elements should be included on this homepage?
                - Web Banner
                - Navigation Bar
                - Pictures of you
                - Text about you
                - Colors and formatting
    If you finish the homepage, you are to create at least two subpages for your website.   
    This project is your first assignment and is worth 40 points.  
    Do your BEST! 

    Contact Mrs. Hahn at mhahn@lrhsd.org or 609-654-7544 x8798