Family & Consumer Sciences

  • All Family and Consumer Sciences Courses meet graduation requirements for 21st  Century Life and Careers. Interior Design and Fashion and Clothing 1, 2, 3 also meet graduation requirements for Visual/Performing Arts.


    Child Development
    Students gain knowledge in child growth, the interrelationship of all areas of development, and guiding a child from pre-natal through school age. Units of study include: decisions in parenting; prenatal development; special needs children; various family models in a diverse society; and proper care of a preschool child to ensure a healthy and safe environment. This course explores roles and techniques for working with children through readings, observations, projects, and guest speakers. It prepares students to work in the field of early childhood education and to develop skills necessary for balancing career and family while gaining in-depth knowledge of human growth and development. 

    Fashion and Clothing 1
    This course teaches basic clothing construction and fashion appreciation with safe and correct use of sewing machines, pattern alteration and interpretation, wardrobe planning, textiles, and clothing care as applied to selected projects which vary according to student ability. Students gain an understanding of career opportunities in fashion, design, and technology. Intro to Family Consumer Sciences is recommended as a background to this course. Meets Visual/Performing Arts requirement.

    Fashion and Clothing 2
    This course exposes students to more advanced concepts in clothing construction as well as fashion history and areas of the fashion industry such as career choices. Students complete hands-on sewing and home arts projects and a variety of fashion history and design assignments. Topics include: designing fashions for today's consumer; fashion history from the 1500s to the present; introduction to the over lock serger; and altering ready-to-wear garments. Prerequisite: Fashion and Clothing 1. Meets Visual/Performing Arts requirement.

    Fashion and Clothing 3
    This course challenges students to explore a variety of fabrics, sewing equipment, and advanced techniques. Individuality is expressed through projects involving more difficult pattern manipulation and tailoring techniques. Students selecting this course should have a strong background in garment construction. Prerequisite:  Fashion and Clothing 2. Meets Visual/Performing Arts requirement.

    Foods and Nutrition 1
    This course focuses on a study of nutritional needs throughout the life cycle with an emphasis on the needs of adolescents. Material is presented with a comprehensive approach of academic exploration and practical application that includes diet self-analysis, healthy food preparation techniques, and better food choices. Students prepare a wide range of foods using a variety of food preparation techniques, tools, and equipment. This course prepares students for life after high school and is necessary for taking Foods and Nutrition 2 and 3. Introduction to Family Consumer Sciences is recommended as a background to this course.

    Foods and Nutrition 2
    This course provides a more comprehensive understanding of the various topics in food preparation, safety, and sanitation, along with a focus on the traditions and cooking styles of foreign regions including Eastern and Mediterranean Europe, the Middle East, and African and Asian nations. An in-depth study of the regional foods and cooking styles of the United States is included. Students improve problem-solving, decision-making, and critical thinking skills. Practical applications of course content will be emphasized. Prerequisite: Foods and Nutrition 1. 

    Foods and Nutrition 3
    This course offers variety of advanced food preparation techniques as well as a comprehensive overview of Culinary Arts. Topics include: baking and pastry, cake decorations, garnishing, stocks, soups, sauces, and various major preparation techniques. Presentation and the mastery of specialized equipment are emphasized. Careers in many areas of the industry are also discussed. Prerequisite: Foods and Nutrition 1 and Foods and Nutrition 2.

    Interior Design
    This course teaches the elements and principles of design and how they apply to home decorating, architectural styles, period furniture, wall arrangements, and accessories in a comprehensive manner. Students learn to arrange furniture, design floor plans, elevations, and kitchens, and select window treatments and lighting for efficiency and aesthetics. Students develop decision-making skills that can be applied to present and future lifestyles.

    Introduction to Family Consumer Sciences
    This course provides general knowledge of life skills. The units of this full-year course are personal development, foods and nutrition, clothing/sewing, housing and interior design, child development, and career awareness. This course is recommended before taking Foods and Nutrition 1, 2, 3 and Fashion and Clothing 1, 2, 3.

    Exploring Life Skills
    This course provides general knowledge of life skills. The units of this full-year course are cooking, nutrition, sewing, child development, relationships, careers, housing and interior design. Emphasis is placed on basic skills, small group instruction, and individualized attention.

    Living Skills                                                      PR
    This course is designed to provide general knowledge of independent living skills. The units are safety, consumer skills, clothing, foods and nutrition, social skills, and household management. Available through the Child Study Team.