June 2020 CANCELLED

    2021 TBD




    Below are last minute notes & reminders for cadets & parents going to JCLC from 28 June to 2 July at the New York Military Academy, with select “Advance Party Cadets” leaving on Thursday, 27 June AT 0730 FROM CHEROKEE.  On the attached sheet of paper is a daily overview of planned training & activities (so your parents have an idea of what you’re doing), except they won’t know what company you’re in.


    +  The bus for JCLC will depart CHS on Friday 28 June at 0830.  Cadets should report to the JROTC side of the HS NLT 0800, in ACU’s, full canteens, with bags packed.  No need to bring your cadet rank.  Rank and positions will be rotated at camp.  Select, previously identified cadets (rising NS 3’s & 4’s will have departed for camp on Friday 22 June).  All cadets will return to CHS at approximately 1300 on 2 July.


    +  Insure you packed a sleeping bag / pillow, etc.  This is not the Holiday Inn…  if you don’t pack it, you don’t have it…  towels, soap, lock, etc.  All you will be getting is a room with a mattress & wall locker….  No air conditioning!  Don’t forget sunscreen & “bug spray.”  But parents….  We’ll have extra…  not to worry!  J


    +  Nurses & sick call will be available for minor issues.  Cadets that are sick & cannot train will be sent home.  Any cadet that needs to take medication to camp must give them to your instructors or our parent chaperones for safe keeping & dispensing.  A refrigerator will also be available if medication needs to be kept cool.


    +  Cadets will be supervised at all times & the “rule of two’s” will be in effect!!  Cadets must always be in pairs, never solo, no matter what. You will be assigned to one of 3 companies (with 2 platoons in each company).  Cadets from all 10 participating JROTC schools will be inter-mingled, for a total of approx. 250 – 300 cadets.


    +  Emergency Camp telephone numbers:  The NYMA operator is (845)  534-3710.  At night, dial the Dispensary extension 4236.  Major Meehan’s cell is 252-626-5103 and CPO Harvey 609-781-4289.   


    +  Cadets will wear the ACU uniform, unless told otherwise by their chain of command.  Bathing suits & water shoes should be worn for rafting (no 2 piece bathing suits for females), a baggy T-shirt will be issued if necessary J  No civilian clothes needed!!


    +  Cadets have been issued a pistol belt, 2 canteens & poncho… they will be collected when loading the bus returning from camp.  Drinking water & hydration is IMPORTANT!!  Also, boots should have been well broken in & comfortable.  Wear thick socks to prevent blisters.  For the rafting down the Delaware River have either water shoes or an old pair of sneakers. REQUIRED.


    +  Secure your valuables at all times….    Lock up your items when not in SIGHT!!  Cell phones / I-pods / camera’s…  they get legs!!!  No need for a lot of cash.  


    +  There will be a chapel service, Sunday evening (30 June) at 1730 for those cadets wishing to attend.  


    +  Hydration is key (can’t stress that enough)…  eat & drink at meals and you must drink plenty of water throughout the day!!  MRE’s will be provided for lunch meals during training.  A hot breakfast & dinner will be served in the mess hall each day.


    +  On 2 July (the last day of camp) beginning at 0730 will have drill & knot tying competitions (parents can watch). Individual companies will hold awards ceremonies beginning at approximately 0900 and then at 1000 we will conduct the final camp graduation & closing ceremony in the NYMA Chapel.  Parents are welcome to attend these events.


    +  If you would like to take your cadet home with you after the closing ceremony and not ride the bus home, cadets & parents must check with the instructors before departing.  All cadets must return poncho’s & canteens before getting on the bus, or departing camp.  A sack lunch will also be provided.


    Bottom line….  Make & meet new friends, BE SAFE & HAVE FUN!!!