High School Athletic Eligibility

  • New Jersey Interscholastic Athletic Association Eligibility Rules apply to all boy and girl varsity, junior varsity, sophomore, and freshman teams which will be representing a high school. STUDENTS MUST ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR MAKING SURE THAT THEY MEET THE NJSIAA ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS. If students have any questions or concerns after reading the eligibility rules, or if, at any time, they think they may be in jeopardy of falling below the minimum required credits for athletic eligibility, they should contact their school counselor, athletic director or team coach immediately.

    Students are ELIGIBLE if they have not reached the age of 19 before September 1 of the current school year.

    Students are ELIGIBLE to represent their high school for 8 consecutive semesters following entrance to ninth grade.

    Students are academically ELIGIBLE for athletic competition if the following criteria is met:

    1.  Fall and Winter Sports:  All incoming freshmen are eligible for athletic competition during the first semester.  Students in grades 10, 11, and 12 are eligible for athletic competition during the first semester if they passed 25% of the credits (30) required by the State of New Jersey for Graduation (120), during the immediately preceding academic school year.

    2.  Spring Sports: To be eligible for athletic competition during the second semester (Feb. 1 to June 30), ALL STUDENTS must have passed 15 credits at the close of the preceding semester.  Full-year courses shall be equated as one-half of the total credits.  In most cases, pupils must pass six courses in the first semester of each year to be eligible for spring participation.

    Students are ELIGIBLE if they transfer because of a change of residence by parents with a signed transfer form from sending school that states that the student did not transfer for athletic advantage:
    A student-athlete transferring from one secondary school to another, without a bona fide change of residence by that student's parent or guardian, shall be ineligible to participate for a period of thirty (30) calendar days or one half of the maximum number of games allowed in the sport by NJSIAA rules (the ineligibility period) from the beginning of the regular schedule, whichever is less, in any sport in which the student has previously participated at the varsity level.  

    A Bona fide change of residence must have occurred on or before the following dates to be eligible to participate:

    1. August 1 to be immediately eligible to participate during the Fall Sports Season
    2. November 1 to be immediately eligible to participate in the Winter Sports Season
    3. March 1 to be immediately eligible to participate in the Spring Sports Season

    Students are NOT ELIGIBLE
     after the class in which they originally enroll graduates.

    Students are NOT ELIGIBLE except as defined by the NJSIAA, if they have accepted any cash or merchandise prizes (this may especially occur in bowling or golf).

    Check the NJSIAA website for further information regarding high school athletics and eligibility.