Choosing Your Curriculum

  • Graduation requirements are designed to give students a well-balanced program for acquiring the skills, attitudes, and knowledge needed to reach their full potential. A diversified and flexible curriculum is available. A wide range of electives, if wisely selected, will help students explore and develop their own interests and abilities. After meeting “requirements”, students may choose any subject they wish from the curriculum, being restricted only in those areas that must follow a prescribed sequence.

    Although counselors assist students in choosing curriculum and vocational options, the ultimate responsibility for this planning belongs to the student and parent/guardian(s). Accepting the right to make decisions carries responsibilities. Examine closely the contributions you are willing and able to make to a particular course, as well as the benefits you can derive. Weigh the difficulty of your total course load. Also, consider the demands of commitments outside the classroom. Make choices for the right reasons.

    When selecting courses, past performances, results on standardized tests, and future plans should be among the indicators factored into a final decision.  Parent and/or current teacher consultation is encouraged.  Parents give their approval by signing the course selection sheet after discussing options with their child.