• Lighting Notes

    Barn Doors: Accessory for video lights, two or four-leaf folding flaps that control light distribution. 
    Light Diagram Gel: Colored material placed in front of a light source to alter its hue. Useful for correcting mismatches in lighting, as in scenes lit by both daylight and artificial light.
    LED (light-emitting diode): A cool, low-power light source arranged in panels that are used like l ood or soft lights.
    Relector: A large silver, white, or colored l at surface used to bounce light onto a subject or scene.
    Scoop: A large bowl-shaped floodlight used mainly in TV studios.
    Softlight/Softbox: A lamp or small light enclosed in a large fabric box, which greatly diffuses the light.
    Spotlight: A small-source lighting instrument that produces a narrow, hard-edged light pattern. Also called a spot. 
    Umbrella: A fabric-covered umbrella frame. Metallic cloth umbrellas are used to relect light onto subjects; white cloth models can also filter lights placed in back of them.
    Background Light: A light splashed on a wall or other backing to lighten it and add visual interest.

    Fill light
    : The light that lightens shadows created by the main (key) light.
    Gaffer: The chief lighting technician on a shoot.
    Key light: The principal light on a subject.
    Three-point lighting: Classic subject lighting technique that consists of key, fill, and background lights. More on three-point lighting
    3-Point lighting