• Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

    • Federal law that protects qualified individuals from discrimination based upon their disability
    • Individuals with disabilities are defined as persons with a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities
    • Requires school districts to provide appropriate educational services designed to meet the needs of identified student

    Each high school in the Lenape Regional High School District has identified a 504 Coordinator and a multi-disciplinary committee:
    • The committee includes members who are knowledgeable about the student.
    • The committee can offer input regarding evaluation results or supporting documentation, as well as relevant accommodations/modifications. 
    • All information obtained regarding the nature of the student’s disability is documented and all significant factors related to the student’s learning process are considered. 
    • Medical documentation is further reviewed by the school physician.



    If a student is determined to be eligible for services under Section 504:
       1.  An individualized accommodation plan is developed
       2.  Student progress is consistently monitored and the 504 plan is reviewed annually. 
       3.  This review will serve to evaluate the effectiveness of the accommodations and to determine if the student remains
              eligible for the plan. 
       4.  Medical documentation may need to be updated annually depending on the nature of the student’s disability.

    Referrals to the 504 Committee can be made by contacting the student’s School Counselor or the school 504 Coordinator.

    For more information about 504, please refer to NJ DOE Section 504
    District 504 Coordinators


                                  Lenape High School                                                           Cherokee High School

                                  Noel Anderson                                                                        Kristen Caputo

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                                  nanderson@lrhsd.org                                                              kcaputo@lrhsd.org



                                  Shawnee High School                                                       Seneca High School

                                  Sandy Thurston                                                                     Sue Johnson

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