• Lenape Live Opener 

    Introduction: As an assessment on your progression of camera and editing skills, you and a partner will produce an opener for Lenape Live that is a knock-off of a current or classic TV show.

    Objective: By the end of this project, you will be able to analyze a professional video production to learn new techniques by creating a knock-off opener for Lenape Live.

    Procedure: Choose an opening to a television show (current or classic) that you think you would be able to re-create. You will then attempt to re-create this opener, with a twist, by matching the techniques and format to Lenape Live.

    • No footage (taped or ripped from YouTube) from the original video may be used, unless specific permission from Ebbes is given to you.
    • The opener of the show that you choose must be no shorter than 25 seconds. -You should attempt to match the style and theme of the original video as much as possible. This includes graphics, camera shots, fonts, and editing.
    • Each group will contribute to the project equally, as logged and reported to Ebbes periodically.
    • Your opener choice and ideas on how to incorporate Lenape Live must be approved by Ebbes before pre-production begins.
    • Each shot will be storyboarded.

    • Topic Submission (w/ skills attempted): Tuesday 2/2/2016 (No Grade)
    • Storyboards: Thursday 2/4/2016 (Classwork)
    • Final Cut: Wednesday 2/17/2016
    • Written Assignment: Friday 2/19/2016

    Grading: Your grade for this project will be based on a written assignment, rather than on the final cut itself. You will write a 500-1000 word essay that includes the following information:

    • Your contribution to the group - be specific here.
    • The challenges you faced during this project.
    • Why you chose that TV opener to parody
    • What worked well – what didn’t work well
    • Describe the technical procedures your group went through to produce this project
    You will be assessed on the following:

    • Spelling/Grammar/Punctuation/Capitalization
    • Content
    Example #1 (Mr. E - The Sopranos)