• Movie Trailer 

    Background: This project will test and challenge your technical editing skills and challenge you to infuse creativity into editing. Your objective is to take a movie trailer, and edit a entirely different movie to that trailer, and attempt to tell the same story as the trailer suggests. You are to think of your edits creatively, and showcase our new edit skills.

    Objective: By the end of this project, you will be able to create a well edited movie trailer that showcases strong editing skills and tells a same story by logging footage with keywords and replacing the video of a movie trailer with footage from a different film.

    • You will begin by creating a new folder in your home directory titled “1/28/2016 Movie Trailer”.
    • On the TVTECH drive, find the folder - TVTECH/Media/Movie Trailer Project - and copy it to your new project folder.
    • Once the files copy, browse through the “Movie Trailers” folder and choose 1 of 16 movie trailers.
    • You will then select 1 of 10 raw movies to edit into the trailer (found in the “Full Movies” folder).
    • Create a new library in FCPX and import the movie trailer and raw film of your choice.
    • You will use the UNEDITED Audio from the movie trailer of choice, and then edit video from the full length movie to that movie trailer’s audio.
    • This project is designed to practice your editing skills where you must rely on listening to audio. Please bring headphones into class, so that you can monitor your audio.
    • You’re attempting to tell a story with existing audio, and different video. Think about your trailer creatively.
    • The Movie trailer of choice will set the groundwork for your project.
    • Watch the movie trailer of choice, and then use only the audio from that trailer. You CANNOT edit the audio. The audio must remain the same as the original trailer.
    • You will have only 10 class periods to work on this project. Please manage your time wisely.
    • The only allowable transitions are the CUT and the DISSOLVE. Any other transition will result in a failing grade.
    • You can use black pauses, as long as you use a dissolve to transition from those two shots.
    • Any flash frames inserted in the final product will result in a failing grade. To avoid this, please be vigilant in reviewing your edits.
    Grading: CLICK HERE for the project grading rubric.