• Interactive Driving games


    The following links are online games that are designed to improve your hand-eye coordination while having fun.

    These games introduce different types of parking scenarios, speed of the vehilce, roadway markings, signs and signals, etc.
    This is a great way to introduce yourself to different obstacles on the roadway without getting behind the wheel.

    1)  You are the driver and must be able to properly park in differnt parking scenerios.  Try to get your highest score- and not hit anyother parked cars!

       -  Click on "skip intro" to being play

    2)  You are the student taking your first driving lesson behind the wheel.  Choose your instructor and test your knowledge of the road.  Good Luck!

     Drivers Ed Game


    3) One of the hardest trailer parking game EVER!!! 

    **WARNING:  May cause elevated level of frustration.  Proceed at your own risk.**


    Trailer Park It


    4)  Car Park Challenge - Put your best parking skills to the test with this fun car park challenge game. The players role is to drive around the car park trying to find a parking space before the count down clock runs out. Avoid the run away trolleys at all costs otherwise they will add to your damage tally.


    Car Park Challange


    5)  Try to park in this difficult driving game with the arrow keys - up to accelerate, down to brake, and left and right to steer. Avoid obstacles, other vehicles, and people - or you'll have to restart the level. You won't be able to move on to the next level until you're inside of the designated parking spot perfectly, so take your time.


    Truck Parking Challange



    6) Park My Car Please!


    7)  Some people don't trust valets with their vehicle.....but do you trust your own skills to carefully park your own expensive car?!  Test your ability!!


    Glamour Parking- Valet Parking