• Public Service Announcement (PSA) 

    We will create a public service announcement with a goal to convey, demonstrate or inform a mass teen audience (i.e. Lenape students) about a particular topic. You may pose a problem and then gather, evaluate, and synthesize information from a range of sources to make a reasoned argument for some action to be taken.


    By the end of this project, you will be able to create a public service announcement that effectively supports and conveys a message by following all of the steps and meeting all deadlines.

    • Length: 30-60 seconds
    • Audio: Voiceover, music, sound effects – No on-camera dialogue
    • Video: At least 3/4 of your PSA should contain video shot by your group – No pictures/graphics from the web.
    • Message: Your PSA must contain a message (slogan or call to action) and a form of contact.
    • Research: You must research your topic and provide credible and factual information, as well as provide real contact information.
    • Editing: After planning and filming with your group, you will edit ON YOUR OWN. Each group member will produce their own PSA. Additionally, your final cut must contain at least 3 advanced editing/motion/keyframing techniques. These include -
      • Black and White
      • Slow-Mo/High Speed/Reverse
      • Scale and Center changes and cropping
      • Keyframing any attribute
      • Freeze Frame
    Treatment – Monday 1/11 (Class 1); Thursday 1/14 (Class 7) - (Classwork/Project Prep)
    Storyboards – Monday 1/11 (Class 1); Thursday 1/14 (Class 7) - (Classwork/Project Prep)
    Final Cut – Wednesday 1/27 (Class 1); Monday 2/1 (Class 7) - (Test/Final Cut)

    Final Cut Grading:
    CLICK HERE for the rubric.