• Courses


    Accounting I                                                                                                             
    Teaches basic principles of accounting, covering accounting cycles, and emphasizing skills necessary to record, classify, interpret and analyze business activities for a service and merchandising business organized as a proprietorship and corporation. Problems, projects, and business simulations are used. Students are introduced to computerized accounting systems.


    Accounting II                                                                                                          
    Reviews basic accounting principles and develops advanced topics such as payroll, inventory, uncollectible accounts, depreciation, and accruals. Emphasis on corporate/partnership accounting. Students work on computer applications for spreadsheets and automated accounting. Strong math skills recommended.  Prerequisite: Accounting I.

    *Accounting III                                                                                                       
    Foundation for further study of accounting. Students attain knowledge of more complex and diverse accounting topics such as taxes, analysis of financial statements, career opportunities, cost accounting, spreadsheet applications, and computer accounting systems. Strong math skills recommended.  Prerequisite:  Accounting II.  *Offered as BCC CAP Course.

    *Accounting IV                                                                                                     
    Advanced academic level course. Students complete a variety of projects using Quicken and Peachtree accounting software while focusing on building a strong foundation in advanced accounting concepts. Strong math skills recommended. Prerequisite: Accounting III. *Offered as BCC CAP Course.         

    *Animation & Interactive Web Design                                                                  
    Students will use industry standard software to create and design professional websites and animated movies. Students will design various websites, create animated banners, animated storybooks, and implement image editing and interactive media. Students should have basic computer knowledge. *Offered as BCC CAP Course.
    Business Communication & Applications (Formerly Computer Applications)
    This course is designed to prepare students to utilize essential communication and technical skills significant to 21st century life. Students will gain proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Outlook and will learn to apply these skills to achieve an organization’s business goal and create authentic learning experiences to transfer knowledge into real-world experiences. Students taking this course will be able to take Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exams and earn industry recognized certification
    Business Law
    This course is an introduction to legal principles and procedures. It includes an introduction to business law, ethics, crimes, torts, contracts, the uniform commercial code, sales, product liability and consumer protection. Any student interested in pursuing a business and/or legal degree should strongly consider taking this course.


    Employment Strategies                                                                                          
    Designed to prepare students with the skills for success in developing an appropriate post-high school plan. Areas of concentration include career research, application process, communication/interview skills, social skills, financial literacy, career-related technology skills and job shadowing. The student will be able to use personal and interpersonal skills during real-life role-playing scenarios.   


    Intended for students planning to enter college in business fields, such as accounting, business administration or management. Teaches factors that a new business owner must consider, such as demographics, legal requirements, financial considerations, and operational functions. Participants develop their own business plans and are eligible to be members of DECA (an association of marketing students).

     *Graphic Presentations                                                                                         
    Teaches basic design concepts and applies these strategies to real-world projects using a variety of industry standard software packages. Students will create presentation documents such as letterheads, logos, invitations, flyers, brochures advertisements, etc. Students will also learn to use a digital camera and scanner. * Offered as BCC CAP Course.

    Introduction To Business                                                                                       
    Explores various topics in the business world.  Specific areas of study include economic systems, management, marketing, advertising, banking and credit, ethics, international business, and career exploration.  Develops computer literacy, consumer, and communication skills.

    Personal Finance                                                                                                     
    Develops financial literacy and investigates career choices.  Students learn to manage, utilize, and reconcile checking and savings accounts, including electronic banking.  Personal decision-making regarding budgeting, career choices, investments, loans and insurance will be covered.  Career research, employment documents, and interviewing techniques also emphasized.  Quicken personal financial software and guest speakers reinforce concepts.

    Sales And Marketing                                                                                             
    Introduces broad field of sales and marketing providing students with basic information to develop interests in this career area. Students learn, through small groups, projects and research, the basics of marketing, selling, and advertising. They also may participate in the operation of the school store and  in DECA (an association for marketing students).

    Sports, Entertainment and Hospitality Marketing                                                
    The sports, entertainment, and hospitality industries represent one of the fastest growing segments of the U.S. economy. This specialized course offers students the opportunity to learn advanced concepts of marketing and management in the sports, entertainment and hospitality industries.  Focus is on the study of marketing as it relates to event management, sponsorship, promotion, strategic planning, endorsements, marketing plans, hotel/restaurant/convention planning, and legal and ethical issues. Students are given the opportunity to participate in DECA (an association for marketing students). Prerequisite:  Sales and Marketing highly recommended.

    Study Skills And Career Awareness                                                                      
    Addresses the life skills needed for success in high school, college and career. Areas of concentration include time-management, organization, study habits, note taking, test taking, learning styles and critical thinking skills. Students explore how diversity, attitude, listening, ethics and communication are integral parts of the workplace needed for a fulfilling career. Career research, employment documents, interviewing techniques and SAT vocabulary emphasized. Internet resources and guest speakers are an essential part of this course.
    Web Design                                                                                                              
    Introduces web design as a communication and research/reference tool. Covers introduction to web design, essential terms and technologies, issues and policies, key reference sites, and design development of HTML. Enables students to author and edit Web Pages; to create image files using scanner and digital camera; to create audio files and presentations. Web Design will prepare students to take Advanced Web Design & Animation course.
    Exploring Web Design
    Introduces web design as a communication and research/reference tool. Covers introduction to web design, essential terms and technologies, issues and policies, key reference sites, and design development of HTML. Enables students to author and edit Web Pages; to create image files using scanner and digital camera; and to create audio files and presentations. Emphasis will be placed on basic skills, small group instruction, and/or individualized attention.